Thursday, August 27, 2009


I stand at a doorway, should I enter? Truth awaits on the other side, but some truths are best left in mist and shadow. Is it better to know? Knowing brings so much, really seeing, really feeling, its so different. Have you heard about a song before? Its not the same as sitting down, putting on the headphones and really listening. Being swept away by its melodies. Are the words at all meaningful next to the power of the True form?

But maybe I don't want to hear this song. I prefer the one I have now.. its peaceful and lovely and absolutely breathtaking. I wont change the channel, just yet.. just yet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time, and the becoming there of

Every time I feel sure, again nothing is as it seems. Cold metal a forgotten dream. Now warm and liquid, now glowing from within with golden rays, quietly, faintly. But even the candle rages an inferno in the dark, cold, night. Now we count the days as they pass. The hours shift around in the stack, and only a few seem worth looking forward to. Oh how time changes us. But its all just an illusion. On how many levels? That the question, I guess.

Bridges rise and fall on the wind, and the torch follows its will, not mine. Ashes and dust replace mighty noble strength. And the wheel turns and all things return. But not for oh so long...

I know not what the morrow gifts us, but I can say, that for now, I am happy. I don't want to label this, I just want it to live on forever. Trust is something I will never give up on. I still give it away at every turn. I'm following my guiding star, and she will always keep me safe.